Chapter 1: Damaged (Revised)


4 Years ago, JULY 14, 2008.

*Todo el mundo con la lengua afuera
Todo el mundo con la lengua afuera
No tengas pena
Todo el mundo con la lengua afuera
Todo el mundo con la lengua afuera*

The DJ was playing Ay Chico with the volume all cranked up. Loud enough to shake the whole neighbourhood around the mansion.

The party was organized by the recently graduated high school playboy, Ben Kingston. Girls were nuts for his British accent. Being the only son of Steve Kingston, the Senator, he inherited all the riches and perks. The party was held in Ben’s personal mansion away from the city and close to Inwood Hill Park, the only virgin forest of Manhattan. The old native caves were still visible from the mansion.

“Alright people! Today, we are going to waste ourselves! Break all those beds, I don’t care! Just don’t regret it in the morning.” Ben said loudly gulping down the vodka in his hand. Clearly, being drunk, he was making a stupid show of himself and people didn’t seem to care… except Ryan.

Ryan stood there sipping wine.

He was staring at Ben, thinking about his next move to make things worse for him. Nick came and took a seat beside him.

“Thinking about Sarah, right?” Nick asked, adjusting the seat height near the bar.

“I am just thinking what that bastard is planning to do with Sarah; pretty sure he is finally going to dump her today.” Ryan said.

“Yeah, we all know that, but you know Sarah… she isn’t going to listen.” Nick said.

“Nick, she is like a sister to me, I was with her for the last twelve years.”

“Still, she is not going to listen to you. She trusts Ben more than you.” Nick replied.

“I was hoping that she might come to her senses eventually and see how Ben was playing with her.”

“But it didn’t happen.” Nick said, taking the glass of wine from Ryan’s hand.

“You should probably look after Annie and other folks, check them out, don’t let them drink too much.” Ryan insisted.

Nick smiled and went towards Annie, who was waiting for him on the couch.

Since the past, Ben and Ryan were rivals. It started off when Shaun, Ryan’s best friend and Ryan separated into different classes, Shaun met Ben. Ben was involved with drug dealers and his father cut off his allowance when he found out the drug addiction. But he didn’t stop. Ben took some loan and started to supply those drugs into the school and his neighbourhood to earn money. He brought Shaun into the business and eventually Shaun got hooked on them. Ryan was the first to find out about Shaun’s drug addiction and tried to stop him. He even tried to bring Ben down for this. But Ben had contact with a few people who were about to shut down Ryan forever. Nick’s intervention saved him.

Nick’s father was a cop in the DEA, who busted one of the mafia triads involved in the drug dealing. After a few weeks of the bust, he was murdered and was declared as killed in action.

Shaun’s parents found out about Shaun’s addiction and were going to sue Ben in court; Ryan is one of the proofs for the trial. But the Senator brought down the charges by paying off the judge to avoid any electoral difficulties when he ran for the Mayor in the future.

Enraged, Shaun started wrecking everything that was close to Ryan’s heart, starting with Sarah. He knew how close they were and that seemed like the perfect point to exploit.

Ryan spotted Sarah following Ben to his room and followed them. When they reached the bedroom door, Ben looked back and stopped Sarah.

“Sarah, we’re done. I don’t think we can take it any further.” Ben said.

“But, you said that you have a surprise for me today,” Sarah said as tears started to dwell in her eyes.

“Oh, poor Sarah, this was the surprise! Also, Ralph wants to bang you. So go into that room and fuck his brains out.” Ben said pushing her aside.

Sarah tried to grab his arm. He slapped her and she fell down. Ryan, who was peaking from the corridor, stormed towards Ben.

“How dare you–” Ryan pulled him by his shoulder.

Ben stood still staring at him. Slowly he collapsed on Ryan. Ryan caught him and noticed a knife stabbed in his neck. He tried to pull it out when his vision blurred. Soon, Ryan and all the people in the party collapsed on the floor.


Ryan woke up taped naked to the wall.

“What the fuck happened here last night?” Nick asked while observing the whole room.

“MMMMMMM!” Ryan gave out a muffled screamed.

“Oh, right! Your mouth is taped!” Nick ripped out the tape on his mouth.

” Take me off this wall! I want to pee!” Ryan pleaded.

Nick muttered and pulled out every tape.

“You should hide that family jewel of yours.” Nick insisted.

“I was drugged and then robbed last night by a girl I met in the Bar; she even took my underwear!” Ryan said.

“Must be one of those thugs who seduce and then rob you when you are totally drunk” Nick said.

“How did you track me?” Ryan asked.

“For god’s sake, don’t keep on changing your location so fast, it took me a lot of time to find you.” Nick said avoiding the view of Ryan’s tool.

“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.” Ryan said.

“Jesus Christ! Wear something first.” Nick said facing in the opposite direction.

“By the way, we found David Haynes dead with two bullets in his head this morning” Nick said.

“I gotta find something from the neighbours” Ryan ignored Nick and went outside his apartment.

Nick didn’t hear that, lost in thought of what happened four years ago at Ben’s mansion.


Nick was lying on the table. He woke up and heard police sirens. The mansion was spoiled with spray paints and pool was littered. Ryan was lying on the porch bleeding with a knife in his hand. Ben was missing. Everyone was fast asleep on the floor. Nick’s head was spinning.

The cops entered the mansion and started investigating. Paramedics arrived. Nick tried to wake up Ryan. But he didn’t respond. Nick panicked when he spotted a stained knife and blood from his back.

He stood up and tried to find his way out. But he collapsed after a few steps. A cop rushed towards him.

“Relax kid, all the people here are overdosed with Temazepam, it will kill you if you are not treated soon, don’t exert yourself” The cop said.


Nick heard a scream. He rushed outside and found an old woman screaming. Ryan was standing naked in front of her asking for clothes. Nick slapped his own forehead.

“RYAN STAY INSIDE! Don’t scare people like that!” Nick yelled.

“What? She has never seen this before? It is such a magnificent jewel. Hey LADY! Your husband didn’t come with one of these?” Ryan said pointing below.

Nick had no choice left. He knocked him out and dragged him back inside. The lady stood there still in shock.

“You didn’t see anything.” Nick said.





10:00 AM, 23rd April 2012, Manhattan, New York.

It was Monday morning and the Canal Street in Lower Manhattan was bustling with traffic and people getting to their workplaces hurriedly. Drivers honking endlessly thinking that the signal would change to green sooner if they honked. Dim-wits, Ryan thought as he gazed at the street junction from his building porch. He sure loved to laze around while the whole world was buzzing with life.

The 22 years-old adult was tardy and a daydreamer on his days off. He gazed at the sky and thought about Emma. Emma Hathaway, a beautiful blond woman who was of the same age as Ryan, met at the local library 2 years ago. They become good friends over time talking about everything from literature to the Jaspers’ latest game. As they had oodles of similar interests, Ryan cherished her company. He had no previous experience with love and only talked about things like these with Nick, his NYPD partner. The only guy he talked to. Some months later, Emma got a job proposal at the Shakespeare Literature Institute in London for research in the works of William Shakespeare. Disheartened by her leaving, he still harboured feelings for her and both kept in touch with each other even when Emma left. He thought that when he would see her next time, he would tell her how he felt. Hopefully, she’ll feel the same way about me.

It was a year since she left and was going to return from London tomorrow. Ryan was determined to ask her out on a date. Have faith in yourself. You like her, she likes you, he assured himself. His cell phone buzzed snapping him back to reality. His face became pale with nervousness when he saw the name on the screen and picked up with his hand shivering-

“He-ey there, Emma?!” Ryan said anxiously.

“Ryan, you alright? You sound freaked out” Emma asked, concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine! Was uh… working out. That’s why a little out of breath”

“Oh, I’m sorry if I disturbed you. But guess what? I have a little surprise for you!”

Ryan could sense the excitement in her voice. “Oh, a surprise! Everyone likes a surprise unless it’s a psychotic murder hiding in your bathtub.”  He said jokingly.

Realizing what he just had just blabbered, he cursed himself in his mind. Stop being so nervous!

“What?!” Emma laughed at Ryan’s response. “Oh jeez Ryan, you’re paranoid just like always! Anyway, I’m on my way to your apartment now. I’ll be there in 15-20 mins! Took an early flight”

“What-” Ryan almost yelled in shock. “What a surprise!”

“Yeah, you know how I like to astonish people! Not by hiding in their bathtubs though.”

Ryan chuckled nervously while rushing up the stairs.

“See ya!” she said, hanging up.

Fucking hell. These are the sort of surprises that I hate. Ryan thought to himself. He unlocked his door hastily and looked at the mess in his drawing room. Empty wrappers of chips on the couch and beer cans on the floor, this was a nightmare. He couldn’t clean this up and get ready for Emma at the same time. I’ll not bring her to my apartment itself, he thought. He rushed into the shower, shaved his beard and combed his hair spiky side style applying slight hair wax to give it texture. Ryan looked in the mirror and took a deep breath. You got this. Opening his wardrobe, he couldn’t decide what to wear. The clock was ticking and hardly 5 minutes were left before Emma would arrive. Fuck it. He grabbed his trousers and a t-shirt and wore them. The brown leather jacket hanging at the end caught his attention. He grabbed it and rushed downstairs.

Reaching the building entrance, he put on his jacket and waited for Emma at his building porch. Right on time. A cab pulled over and Emma stepped out. Ryan’s heart skipped a beat as he saw her blonde hair sparkle in the sun and her face glowing with glee. “Ryaaaaaaaan?” Emma flicked her fingers. “Don’t zone out!”

“Huh?! Ah! Hey Emma!” Ryan managed to greet her as he snapped back. They hugged each other. “Been awhile huh?” Emma said.

“Yeah, almost a year now right? How have you been?”

“Just great! How about you?”

“Me too. Lots to catch up on. How about we go to a café for breakfast?” Ryan suggested.

“Sure! Sounds good to me.” Emma replied.

15 mins later, Culture Espresso:

“So what have you been doing nowadays?” Emma asked.

“You know… the usual system engineering at Wintersoft.” Ryan replied. Wintersoft was just a cover for his NYPD job that he didn’t want anyone to know.

“That’s nice. So have you got any girl for yourself?”

“Not yet, but I do have feelings for one. I don’t know whether she feels the same way.”

“You know Ryan, the best way to let a girl know that you like her is to tell it to her face,” Emma advised.

“You sure? Will she respond properly?”

“Yep. Better than beating around the bush don’t you think? So who is it?”

Ryan coughed while sipping his coffee.

“Oh, I know! You used to hang out with that shy girl at the library. What was her name? Rachael right? Yeah, Rachael!”

“Huh? I don’t know who you’re talking about,” replied Ryan with a sincere expression.

“You know… the girl with a pixie haircut. She went to-” Emma stopped mid-sentence.

“Oh, the accident. I almost forgot” she said under her breath.

“What was that?” Ryan asked curiously.

“Nothing, forget it!” Emma tried to cover up. “So who is it then?”

“Well, first tell me what you think of me.”

“Let’s see… you are always in your room and never let me in that room. You are a bit of a nerd sometimes and a bit goofy. Last but not the least, you appear magically at some crime scenes or when batshit crazy things happen. Other than that you are a weird sweet guy.” Emma replied.

“Wow that was a vivid description,” Ryan said smiling.

“Well, if the girl is weird like you, she’ll probably say yes.”

“I hope so. How long do you plan on staying here?” Ryan asked changing the subject.

“Not sure. I came here to meet Paul’s parents.”

“Whoa, Paul Mooney? My room-mate? Why?”

“Didn’t Paul tell you? We have been in a relationship for a year and about to get married soon! He proposed last week with a surprise in London” Emma said, her eyes lighting up like Christmas lights.

What. What the actual fuck. Ryan couldn’t process anything but he had to look normal or Emma would get suspicious.

“Wo- wow. That’s amazing, Emma! I always shipped you two personally” Ryan responded, forcing a smile.

“Aw Ryan, you’re so sweet. Thank you” Emma said. “I met him when I visited you last year. He’s a really nice guy and came through at all times. I did want to tell you about it but you were so busy with your friend Nick that I forgot before I left.”

“It’s okay,” Ryan said forcing a smile again.

Emma glanced at her watch. “Sorry Ryan, I have to rush to Brittany’s now. Promised I would spend the weekend with her.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Till next time Ryan Evans!” she hugged him.

“Bye!” Ryan waved as she left in a cab.

Ryan walked out of the café and stood at the gate. He took out his phone and called Nick.

“Hey, buddy what’s up?” Nick asked in his usual cheerful tone.

“Well, I just met Emma…”

“And? Did you tell her?”

“No. I guess I can’t do that now since she’s in a relationship with my roommate.”

“Whoa what?! That’s shocking as hell. You okay?”

“It will take some time and beer rounds for it to sink in,” Ryan said. “Actually I should try something different. Since my assignments are done, I should end my mortal life.” He said sarcastically.

“Yeah go jump in front of a train. Will make it easier and quick” Nick replied.

Annie, who was next to Nick, chuckled as she heard him tease Ryan.

“Say hi to Annie for me,” Ryan said.

“Yeah, we were having a romantic moment just when your call interrupted it”

“Sorry Sir, for ruining thy moment, you may continue while I seek death,” Ryan said hanging up.

Nick laughed as he put his phone away. “I hope Ryan is okay,” Annie said.

“Yeah, he’ll be fine after a few drinks and probably getting in trouble.”


Upper Manhattan, 12:00 pm:


Manhattan’s weather was erratic as usual. An hour ago it was sunny and at noon it began to pour. David Haynes peered outside from his office on the 80th floor and thought, this day couldn’t get any worse. He had a board meeting that afternoon which would change how Quentin Enterprises worked- on the commands of another party, or David independently. He sure as hell wouldn’t just hand the reigns to them. No way.

His mobile ringed.


“Hey there, David. Remember me?”


“Bingo! You miss me, buddy? Been awhile… if I’m not wrong, 4 years right?”

“Yes”, David replied warily.

“What happened David? You don’t sound happy to be hearing from me.”

“Who would be?” David said in a low voice.

“What was that?”

“Nothing, what do you want Elias?”

“To meet. The farmhouse where we made the deal. Hope you haven’t forgotten the place, have you?”

“How could I?”

“Good. See you there at 5.” And the phone cut off.

David stood looking at his mobile screen in disbelief. Why is he back? What does he want?  He looked his watch. 12.30 pm. Still 4 and half hours to go. Calling off the meeting, he lay on his office couch.

5.15 pm, an abandoned warehouse:

David opened the door and saw Elias standing under the only light in the gloomy barn.

“Hello, David”


“Okay, I’ll cut through the bullshit. We helped you build your company by funding you when no one would. The funding had a condition. Do you remember it?”

“Yes”, David said now perspiring on his forehead.

“Knowing the condition, you still went against it. You chose to gain control of the board. Do you think it would be that easy? Did you really think that you could go against US?!” Elias yelled.

David had nothing to say. He knew what was going happen to him the moment he decided to gain the board votes. He never stood a chance. Yet I tried.

“So what do you think we should do?” Elias asked.

David couldn’t utter a word. He stood there silently staring at him.

“Oh David… if only had you listened.” Elias said, closing the door.


The next day, 7:25 am at the warehouse NYPD crime scene:

Nick looked at the mangled body of David Haynes. Must have taken a high caliber bullet to splash his brains out this bad.

“Sir, got any clue?” one of his officer associates asked.

“I suspect this has to be connected to the call he got last afternoon. The police spoke to her receptionist and she said that he seemed tense after attending the call. He even called off the board meeting scheduled that afternoon.” Nick said.

“Can trace where the call came from?”

“It turned out to be burner cell with no information of the call or the registered user.” Nick replied. He then realized he hadn’t seen the officer before.

Nick patted on the officer’s shoulder.

“You look new here.” Nick said.

“Yes sir. I am Tom Cassidy, transferred from California this morning and assigned to work under you, sir.”

“Well, I’m not hell of a teacher but I’ll show you the ropes.” Nick said.

“Thank you, sir. If you don’t mind, is Mr. Evans going to be here today?”

Nick chuckled. “I don’t think so buddy.”

“What’s so funny sir?” Tom asked.

“Rather than telling you it, let’s go and check up on Mr. Evans. My gut feeling says he’s in trouble again.”


Meanwhile in a hotel room:

Ryan waked up still groggy from the drinks last night. He couldn’t move his arms… or his legs.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Ryan yelled when he came to his senses.

To be continued…

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Kiss the fire.

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Unknown Place, Oakland. Time: 03:21 AM, 29 April 2012.

Amy stood in front of an old wooden door, breathing heavily and holding a gun in her hand. She was drenched in blood that trickled down her forehead and fingers. She ejected the magazine of the gun to check bullets. It was empty with just one bullet already loaded in front of the hammer.

Enough for one. She thought.

Amy scanned around. The room was full of unconscious guards. Mercilessly beaten until each bone in their body was broken.

Amy stepped back, took a deep breath and looked up at the door. She bit her lip and sprinted through the door and quickly aimed her gun at the man who stood in there shocked.

“Now!” he screamed.

A guard jumped down next to Amy and tried to grab her. She swiftly moved away and grabbed his arm, kicked him in abdomen and hit the back of his skull with the gun. The guard collapsed down on the floor. Amy gripped his wrist and pulled his arm. The guard screamed in pain when he felt the muscle tearing in his shoulder. Amy looked at the man who stared at her in horror. Finally, she twisted the guards arm clockwise like a lever. A loud noise of cracking bones silenced the guard’s scream.

“Omar Al Din. I’m going to show you your worst nightmare.” She said wiping the blood off her forehead.

11 hours ago. Stone Residence, Oakland.

Amy hasn’t talked to her mother for a long time. NSSA faked Amy’s death 11 years ago to keep her mother out of danger. She decided to check up on her by herself, so she tracked down the address and rode her bike to the destination.

Amy knocked on the door and waited. A middle-aged woman opened the door and smiled.

“How can I help you dear?” she asked.

Amy was about to say something but paused and looked at her mother’s face.

“Dear? Are you okay?” the lady asked.

“Uh, Yeah. You’re Mrs. Stone, right?” Amy said shaking off all the emotions.

“Yes, I’m Katherine Stone.”

“I’m–” Amy stopped.

“You don’t look okay, dear. Do you want to come in?” Katherine said.

“Oh no, I’m sorry, I think this is the wrong house.” Amy said and walked away leaving Katherine confused.

Katherine closed the door and placed the knife she was holding behind her back on the table. She picked up her phone and dialled 911 but didn’t press the call button. She kept wondering about the girl she just saw. The face resembled to someone close to her. But, it wasn’t the girl she was concerned about. It was the unknown men who kept roaming around the house for past two days. She turned off her phone and went back to her room.

She closed all the curtains and opened her wardrobe and took out a phone gifted by her friend Gavin, whom she met in a support group. It was a special cell phone according to Gavin. If she ever wanted to contact him, she can only use that specifically programmed phone. Katherine didn’t give it much of a thought and hit the call button on her phone. After a short interval of dial tone, she heard his familiar voice.

“Hello, Katherine.” Gavin said on the other side of line.

“Gavin, I am a bit afraid. These men I told you about, they aren’t going away. I have noticed them following me everywhere for past two days. I think I should call the cops now.”

“Katherine, don’t call them just yet. They could be smart. Just stay put and if they do something even slightly suspicious, give me a call.” Gavin said.

“A girl came today. She was average in height, fair and had semi-bobcut hair. She didn’t say anything and went away.”

“Oh God! Kate, are any of those men out there?” Gavin asked.

“Let me check”, Katherine looked through curtains,”No, they’re not here anymore.”

“Crap.” Gavin cursed.

“What is it? Does that girl has anything to do with this?” Katherine asked.

“Yeah, I think. Listen, Kate, don’t open the doors unless it’s me. Alright? Don’t let anyone in. I’ll be there in few hours.” Gavin said.


Gavin hung up. He sounded really anxious.

NSSA Secret HQ, NYC.

“Guess, who gave a little visit to her mom?” John said.

“Amy?” his assistant Evelyn guessed.

“Yeah. Not just that, she even attracted Elias’s men and placed her mother right in the middle of fucking stirred hornet’s nest!” John screamed.

“Wait, were you just talking to her mother? Like just now? On that prototype phone?”

“Um, yeah.”

“You know, our engineering guy, William was searching for those phones for a week?”

“Was he?”

Evelyn sighed in disappointment and left the room. John slid the phone back into his pocket and prepared to reach Katherine’s home.

Stone Residence, Oakland. 8 hours ago.

Katherine was distressed. She couldn’t stop thinking about the girl who visited her few hours ago. She tried to keep her blood pressure in check which was already rising.

Someone knocked on the door. Katherine almost flipped herself. She quickly checked the live footage streamed by security camera. There were two men standing by the door.

“Who is this?” Katherine asked through the mic.

“We’re cops, mam.”

“I didn’t call any cops.” Katherine said.

“Yeah, we have noticed some unusual activity near your residence and we want to enquire about it.” One of the men said.

“You’re not in uniforms.” Katherine pointed out.

“We’re undercover.” they replied.

“Show me your IDs.” Katherine demanded.

“We’re sorry, but we can’t carry our IDs when we’re undercover.” the man said.

“I can’t let you in unless you show me some identification.” Katherine said.

“Well, then we have to come in forcefully.” The man said and took out his silenced gun.

“Oh my god.” Katherine panicked.

The man aimed his gun at the lock and pulled the trigger. Katherine rushed to the table and grabbed the knife. The men barged in aiming their gun at Katherine.

“Drop the knife!” the man commanded.

Katherine was terrified. She dropped the knife and raised her hands.

“Shoaib, Usse kursi pe baandho, jaldi.” He commanded his partner in urdu.

Shoaib grabbed Katherine and tied her legs and wrists to the chair.

“Don’t scream or move! I’ll put this fucking bullet in you and your daughter’s head!” The man said.

“My daughter? She’s dead!”

“She is alive and you talked to her few hours ago. Don’t fool us!”

“She was my daughter?!”

The man slapped her.

“Don’t play dumb. You won’t be able to save h–.”

There was a noise from the bedroom.

“Shoaib, go check the room.” the man signalled his partner.

Shoaib walked towards the door and kept his gun ready. He turned the knob and pushed the door.

“Kamra khaali hai.” Shoaib signalled him that the room is empty.

“Theek se dekh.” the man commanded to look properly.

After few minutes Shoaib turned around to get out of the room when suddenly he heard chains rattling right above him.

Shoaib looked up and saw Amy on roof.

“Don’t scream.” Amy whispered and lanced out the chain that wrapped itself around Shoaib’s neck. Amy pulled the chain backwards with force sending shoaib rolling in mid-air. He landed on the floor unconscious with his collarbone fractured.

The man heard the disturbance and took out his talkie to call other men.

“Tell Omar, she’s here.” The man said on his bluetooth headset and moved towards bedroom.

He saw Shoaib lying half dead on the floor. He lowered the gun and dropped it on floor.

“I’m unarmed. Please come before me.”

“Thanks. But I’m not a friendly person.” Amy said and pulled his leg with the chain.

He slipped and was about to fall. Amy jumped out of the wardrobe and punched him in the spine with an enormous amount of force. He screamed in pain when the bones cracked.

She dropped the chain and walked towards the living room. As soon as she opened the door four men pointed their guns at her.

“Nice show you put up there. Now no more playing. Come, sit with your mother.” A man, partially bald and fair complexion instructed Amy.

Amy raised her hands and walked out silently. Two men grabbed her and tied her to the chair placed in front of her mother.

“Family Reunion! Oh, no wait. Where’s Daddy?” The man laughed.

“Who are you?” Amy asked impatiently.

“Omar. Omar Al Din. I’m one of those men who planned to blow the World Trade Centre. You remember that spectacular day? Apparently, Al Qaeda wasn’t only one behind it.” Omar said.

“You can throw all that nonsense and expect me to believe it?” Amy continued,”Seems like some men go mad when their end is near.”

Omar turned around and laughed hysterically.

“What did you say? My end is near? Right now it’s me who has gun, not you!” Omar said looking into Amy’s eyes.

“Shut your garbage! You’re just a pawn of some dusty old rag who terrorizes people for their ridiculous motives. You’re a coward. FACE IT!”

Omar was agitated. He picked up the gun and held it on Amy’s face.

“Come on! Do it you filthy worm!” Amy antagonized him.

“No, please! Amy!” Katherine interrupted.

Omar backed off. “Talk to your mother for one last time. Who knows, maybe you won’t be able talk to her again after today because YOUR END is near.”

“I don’t need your approval to talk with her.”

“Amy, please! Stop antagonizing him. I’ve seen you after 10 years! If not today I would have died without knowing that you’re ali–”

Omar shot Katherine in forehead. Amy froze. Each and every part of her body refused to move itself. This felt worse than what she felt 12 years ago when she heard about her father’s death in Afghanistan War.

“At least she died knowing you’re alive.” Omar laughed.

Amy closed her eyes and tried to focus. Her body started trembling with rage. All she could see was her mother getting shot in head. Suddenly, the cellphone in Katherine’s pocket beeped. Omar took it out.

“Encrypted Calls. Who is it? I think you know where this is coming from.” Omar asked Amy.

“GO. TO. HELL” Amy said staring at Omar like a agitated animal.

“Alright, I’m not picking this up. I’m sure this is either NSA or CIA.”

“Are you afraid, they’ll know about the location?”

“They already know the location and that’s why we’re moving. Come on boys, take her to the boss. He has lots of questions.” Omar ordered his men.


Unknown warehouse. 1 hour ago.

Amy was on anaesthetics which were wearing off.

“I think she’s waking up.” she heard a guard saying.

“Alright, keep your eyes on her. She should not escape from here.” another guard instructed him.

Amy gained some consciousness and scanned around and found just one guard in room who was unarmed. Her hands were tied behind her back on a pole. She looked at the guard and tapped her wrist band on the pole triggering the micro noisemaker in the band.

“Piche kya chupa rahi hai? What are you hiding?” the guard asked sternly.

“Come and see?”

The guard took out his knife and approached her. As soon as he came close, she tapped her shoes which unveiled a sharp lining around the soles and kicked him in groin. The guard collapsed down in immense pain and slow bleeding from the cut right between his legs.

“Thanks for not screaming.” Amy kicked his face knocking him unconscious.

The knife was dropped right next to her feet. She lowered down and moved across the pole to grab the knife. She picked it up and freed her hands.

Time to find Omar.

Amy moved to the window and scanned for the guards outside. There were four of them carrying guns and constantly moving around. She noticed a kill switch on the generator in the corner of the room which was near to her. She jumped out of window silently and moved towards the generator. A guard was coming closer. She quickly took a cover behind the adjacent pillar and as the guard got close she grabbed him, pinned him down and jabbed her finger behind his collarbone forcing it inwards. The guard paralyzed within seconds.

She approached the generator and pressed the switch and killed the electricity of the warehouse. The guards panicked with sudden blackout. Amy walked behind a nearing guard and wrapped her arm around his neck applying pressure on the artery rendering him paralyzed. Another guard was leaning against the pillar and was trying to adjust his eyes. Amy crouched towards him from behind and grabbed his throat and squeezed it while pressing upwards. The guard started shaking and soon his body was unresponsive. She dropped him down and picked up his gun.

A guard took out his torch and started scanning around. Amy cleverly dodged his flashlight but he saw the unconscious guard. He quickly glanced around to find Amy.

“I’m behind you.” Amy whispered.

He turned around in panic and received a strong punch in the sternum. The punch was single knuckle punch. It broke his sternum and punctured one of his lungs. He collapsed down struggling to stay conscious but eventually his body stopped responding his brain.

There was just one guard left and he was peeing in a corner with gun laying aside. Amy took out her knife and held it at his throat.

“Omar. Where?” Amy asked.

“I can’t tell you that and I definitely won’t!” the guard said.

Amy stabbed the knife in his shoulder. The guard screamed in pain.

“One last time. Where is he?”

“I-I don’t kn-now the correct addres-ss, bbut he is stacking up his men for an operation near abandoned rail yard near 16th street!” The guard said.

“Thanks.” Amy said knocking him down.


Stone Residence, Oakland.

John arrived there with a team of NSSA guards and broke into the house. When John got inside he only saw Katherine dead on her chair.

“Merda!” John cursed.


Abandoned rail yard near 16th street, 20 minutes ago.

Amy scanned around and scoped the whole place.

Each and every one of you will never walk in your life. She thought.

There were two guards near the rails. She crouched towards them and slammed one of the guard’s skull on the pole and taking advantage of the surprised guard’s panicked situation she punched his nose and kicked on his knee cap in opposite direction. The guard screamed when the joint disengaged. She punched him behind his skull, knocking him unconscious.

She advanced towards the control room where they stacked up weapon crates and caches. There were two guards out of which one was doing something on the laptop. She took cover behind the crate and allowed the guard to come close to her. As soon as he got close she gave him an uppercut and shot his both knees with her silenced gun. The guard on laptop panicked and tried to reach the gun. Amy shot his knee cap and slammed his forehead on the table.

One of the guard from neighbouring room spotted Amy and started shooting at her. The bullet grazed her hand and dropped the gun. She threw her knife at him which pierced through his thigh. The guard fell down and Amy silenced him by breaking his fibula.

She moved to next room and crept behind the lonely guard. She kicked his ankle and when he tripped backwards, she wrapped her arm around his neck and punched him right on the curve of spine. The enormous pain muted his scream within seconds.

The guard in neighboring room heard a noise from Amy’s wristband. He opened the door and walked in. Amy head butted him and hit hard below love handle breaking his pelvis. Amy’s forehead started to bleed due to headbutt wound.

5 Minutes ago

Amy stood in front of the door. All the guards neutralized. Not dead but paralyzed or handicapped forever. She just had one thing left to do. ENDING OMAR.

Present time…

“Omar Al Din. I’m going to show you your worst nightmare.” Amy said wiping the blood off her forehead.

Omar ran towards the steel rod to grab it. Amy sprinted towards him and slammed her gun on his face multiple times. She pushed him on the table and kept punching him like a rage filled gnashing monster. Omar struggled to escape her hold. She grabbed him by his neck and bashed him down on floor. He screamed in agony when the curve of his spine almost inverted. Amy kicked him on the chest breaking multiple rib bones.

Omar screamed in pain. She stared at his agony filled face. Her eyes all red filled with rage and pumped blood vessels. She placed the barrel on his forehead.

Omar gasped for breath and then smiled.

“Yeah, go on. Kill me! But that’s not going to bring you mother back.”

“SHUT UP!” Amy punched his face.

“You failed to save your mother. You just sat there looking at me putting the bullet in your mother’s head.”

Amy hit his swollen face again.

“The great America is next and all you will be able to do is sit and watch.” Omar laughed.

Amy was antagonized. She was breathing faster than normal. She placed her finger on the trigger.

“Do it.” Omar said smiling.

“Amy, STOP!”

John barged in with NSSA guards. They were aiming their guns at Amy.

“Amy, don’t kill him. He’s doing that on purpose.” John tried to calm her down.

Amy took a deep breath and threw her gun away to stop herself from killing him and violate her no kill rule.

“No, KILL ME!” Omar tried to grab the gun.

Amy slammed his head and stood up. Omar noticed the knife in Amy’s shoe and grabbed it.

“NO! STOP!” John signalled Amy.

It was too late. Omar slit his throat. Amy shook her head and departed the room.





A Mystery of Violence.

17th May, 2009. Horse Guards Avenue, City of Westminster.

“I don’t understand why but this place seems familiar to me somehow.” Ryan said.

“Have you ever visited this place?” Buffy asked.

“No, not in my entire life.. until now.” Ryan replied while scratching his butt.

“Well, I’m pretty sure you’ll guess it out.” Buffy replied.

“Okay, but before that, I need to pee.”

“My bladders are giving up too. Well, there are toilets in Whitehall nearby.”

10 Minutes later…

“Can you believe this?”

“What?” Buffy asked from neighbouring toilet cabin. .

“Someone wrote ‘THIS WAY TO MINISTRY OF MAGIC’ with arrow pointing downwards.”

“Oh, come-on Ryan, that’s a joke. It’s not gonna work.”

“Don’t kill my fantasy man. Shoo away!” Ryan said.

“Don’t act childis–” Buffy heard a splash noise.

“I’m flushing myself.” Ryan said.

“Stupid! Wait for god’s sake. Don’t do nasty thi–”

Too late, Ryan pressed the flush and after the flushing noise fainted, there was silence, then a very faint sound of sobbing.

“Ryan?” Buffy called.

“I’m here. I’m pretty disappointed but it’s fine. I’m not crying.” Ryan said sobbing from the other side.

“I told you. Even I was disappointed not a long time ago. We’re not wizards Ryan. We’re not Wizards.”

“What am I supposed to do now? Before I go and do some agency work, I want to have some fun. I even forgot what Christmas feels like.”

“I feel you buddy, all we can do is sing Hogwarts song and go on our way to HQ”


They both stood up in and started singing the lyrics in most ridiculous tone that no one could listen and still be alive.

Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts,
Teach us something please,
Whether we be old and bald,
Or young with scabby knees,
Our heads could do with filling,
With some interesting stuff,”

The Specialist aka John Cassidy was listening to Ryan and Buffy through microphone they were wearing. His face had never been so full of regret.

“Are you sure these guys are mentally mature?” he asked his assistant Evelyn Wright.

“They’re good but they have some adorable childish fantasies, Sir.” she replied.

John sighed in disappointment.

“For now they’re bare and full of air, Dead flies and bits of fluff,
So teach us things worth knowing,
Bring back what we’ve forgot,
Just do your best, we’ll do the rest,
And learn until our brains all rot.”

They screamed in unison in toilet.


“Do you know how to shoot?” The trainer asked Ryan.

“I’ve tried once but I’m not professionally trained.” Ryan answered.

“Fine, we’ll teach you. But first, we need to train you for physical combat.”

“Er.. fine.” Ryan agreed.

“Let’s begin with basic exercise. Start with 200 push-ups.”

“I can do this.” Ryan said.

10 minutes later…

“I CAN’T DO THIS!” Ryan cried.

“What? You didn’t even do 20!” Buffy said.

“Bring your old arse here and try yourself!” Ryan yelled.

“Hah, just a talker!” Buffy teased.

“Ryan, even our janitor did better than you.” the trainer said.

“You guys train the janitors too?!”

“Well, we don’t take any chances.” the trainer said moving his hands.

2 hours later…

“50..” Ryan crashed down on the floor.

“He needs to build up some endurance.” the trainer advised.

“Yeah, tomorrow I will try doing that first.” Ryan said in exhausted tone.

The trainer and Buffy looked at each other.

2 minutes later…

“How many?” Ryan asked while skipping the rope.

“More than 200.” the trainer instructed.

“What? Are you craz–” Ryan fell down by entangling his leg with the rope.

“Start from the beginning.” he instructed.

“I don’t want to be a spy now.” Ryan cried.

“You spy or you die.” Buffy said.

“It basically means die!” Ryan replied.


“If you’re going to be a spy, your movements should be quick and silent.” the trainer said.

“Okay. What am I supposed to do to achieve that?” Ryan asked.

“Have you ever walked on a bed of hot burning coal?” he asked.



“If you’re going to be a spy, you should know how to pick a lock with a…paper-clip maybe.”

“Come on, at least I won’t be burning my feet here.”

“Yes, you’re not burning your feet here.” the trainer said and went out.

Ryan touched the door knob.

“Ouch!” he screamed, “Why the hell is the door knob heated?”

“Just to make it hard.” the trainer yelled from other room.


“If you’re going to be a spy, you need to develop the habit of leaping down from heights. Who knows it might come to leaping down from Burj Khalifa?” The trainer said while looking down from chopper.

“Will I get any insurance in case I break some bones?” Ryan asked.



The trainer offered him the parachute bag.

“Lemme check if there’s parachute in it.” Ryan said.

“Oh, I’m certainly not that evil.” the trainer said.

“I don’t trust you. I don’t even know your James!” Ryan said looking at his ID.

Ryan wore the parachute bag and leapt down.

“Pull the string within 10 seconds or you die.” James advised.

Within few seconds Ryan tried to reach the string. His muscles tensed due to atmospheric pressure but he managed to pull it. Nothing came out but synthetic pants.

“Oh, no way!” Ryan yelled while falling down into ocean.


“If you’re going to be a spy, you need to learn how to befriend enemy dogs.”

“Oh, really mate? I’m a dog person. I ca–”

James opened the kennel of hungry and violent German shepherds.

“Those things bite, you know? They look angry too.” Ryan said.


“Finally, it’s time you show how you fight. Remember, a spy who doesn’t need a weapon is true spy.”

“I know, I know all that crap quotes. Who’s gonna fight me?”

“John. You don’t want to fight him, believe me.”

“John who? That hippo? What do we call him? The Specialist?” Ryan asked.

“Yes.” John said tapping Ryan’s shoulder.

“Thing’s aren’t going good for me, are they?” Ryan cried looking at his face.

“Let’s find out.” John said.

Ryan stood in a defensive stance. John laughed and threw a punch at him. Ryan swiftly moved to his right escaping the blow and then quickly kicked his ankle. John was about to fell down on his back but managed to balance himself.

“Smart move.” John said.

“Aye!” Ryan yelled.

Strike in opposing direction, Ryan remembered Asya’s tips when they were on the island.

John swung his arm at him, but this time Ryan didn’t dodge his attack. Instead, he launched himself at him and hit his bicep and forearm really hard. John surprisingly stepped back and tried to grab Ryan’s neck. Ryan ducked and hit John in abdomen and groin successively. John staggered back. Ryan was fast. Surprisingly fast. Like a Tiger. John hardened his jaw and went full offensive on Ryan. He threw a punch on his face and as soon as Ryan was about to move he used his other arm to hit him instead. Ryan was fast but John managed to deliver a strong impact on Ryan’s hip. Ryan was thrown aside. He stood up.

John was about to land another blow on Ryan. Ryan ducked under the swinging arm and hit John in ribs. There was a loud cracking noise. He swiftly moved beneath John and punched his abdomen precisely in the centre followed by a strong blow on his chin with an uppercut. Both stepped back for a minute and then charged towards each other in very next second. John raised his hand to deliver a very strong punch but Ryan went straight at him.

Kenpo hands.

Ryan was blazing fast. Before John could complete his punch. Ryan gave a double palm blow on John’s ears. John was stunned. Taking advantage of John’s open stance, he delivered five to six strikes on John’s chest per second forcing John’s body to lurch into next blowing strike head on and launching him backwards with flailing arms.

Ryan punched his nose and caught his throat digging his nails inside. John felt his throat about get ripped out.

He saw fear and struggle in John’s eyes. Something that he started enjoying to see.

“Ryan!” Buffy yelled bringing Ryan back to normal.

Ryan scrambled backwards in surprise.

“I’m sorry. I was just…”

“Ryan, go rest. We’re done for today.” James said.

Blood splattered out of John’s nose and mouth. He stood up with help of Buffy and James.

“Ryan, you have sheer amount of strength. ” John paused, “Tomorrow you will be sent to the university for your first assignment, you’re more than capable. Just keep control on your abilities.”

Ryan nodded and left the room.

“Damn, that kid surprised me.” Buffy said.

“He surprised me too,” John said,” Or I think I’m just getting old.”

“I’ll stay around him. Prepare him for his assignment tomorrow.” Buffy said as left.

Ryan’s Room..

“I need to keep it under control”, Ryan thought, “Or I might just kill someone.”

Ryan stared at his file.

“Devon Brown, it’s time we roll out.”




Botanic Gardens railway station, Glasgow, Scotland.  28th APRIL, 2012. 15:21 PM.

“Is everything going according to the plan?” Elias asked the man beside him in the car.

“Yes, our target Richard Freeman is secured and now he’s working on our weapons.”

“Good! The initiation of Dark Hunt was successful. We managed to distract them. While America is busy fixing their power, we will proceed to the next step. We need to strike New York from bottom, and this time, we want our targets dead. Civilian casualty is not an issue for us. They’re criminal anyways.”

“As you say.” the man said.

“I hope the base is secured.”

“I have planted proximity mines, sensors that will release gas in case of any kind of invasion.”

“Good job, Henry.” Elias said and stepped out of the car.

Mr.Henry stepped outside the car and moved towards the white fence which blocks the entrance. The fence was vibrating. He gave a slight push and the fence collapsed down.

“What is it?” Elias asked suspiciously looking at Henry’s concerned expression. .

“The fence wasn’t supposed to be this loose. I think someone tried to break in. Whoever they’re, they gave up after almost breaking the fence. Who can be this dumb?” Henry wondered.

“They could have infiltrated from somewhere else. Get inside! Now!” Elias tried to enter.

“No wait!” Henry stopped him,”Something is coming up from the underground.”

Elias felt wave of disturbance below his feet. Henry peeked in through the sewer entrance.

“Holy Crap! We need to get out of here!” Henry cursed.

Elias tried to peek in but Henry pulled him away from the entrance. Anyhow, it was too late. A wave of bursting fire blew Henry and Elias away from the entrance. The station exploded and circling wave of fire erupted out from the underground. The ground begun to collapse down as soon as the station started crumbling. Henry tried to get up but found himself impaled by a branch of the tree. Elias was unconscious on ground. Henry kicked Elias and woke him up. Finding himself on verge of being devoured into the fire he crawled his way away from the edge.

Henry tried to break the branch but couldn’t make it. The fire consumed him. Elias escaped the collapsing radius and spotted a black truck speeding away from the station from the back side. Elias tried to get a glimpse of whoever it was but failed.

“FUCK!” He screamed in frustration.

2 Hours ago. Glasgow, Scotland.

“Who’s the best street hustler in whole Glasgow? That’s right! Isabelle fucking Evans!” Alistair cheered.

“Shut up Alistair! I don’t want people to know about it.” Isabelle said picking up her key from the desk.

“Where are you going?” Alistair asked.

“Another assignment. I really don’t think street hustling is my forte, so I will just carry on with the mission assigned by the agency and end this.”

“You definitely need to be a bit aware of that Henry guy. Before you make any move, carve out some information.” Alistair suggested.

“I already have. Thanks to those homeless little kids in alley. They had their eyes on him.”

“For a Price I assume.”

“Yeah. That’s inevitably their information comes at a price policy.” Isabelle replied.

“What did you do for that?”

“Check your wrist.” she said leaving the room.

Alistair pulled up his sleeves. The golden bracelet he stole from his last mission’s location was missing. He sighed and went back to sleep hoping to wake up in a jet plane going away from Glasgow back to NSSA HQ.

Isabelle hopped down the old creaky wooden stairs and headed towards the garage to get in her car. Alison, one of the kids who sell her information about the locals and unusual people was standing there with a few bruises on her face. She was just 8 and happened to be smarter than everyone in her group but bruises suggested that something serious happened here.

“Hey, what happened? Got in a fight with a dog?”

“No. Mr. Henry was here. He took Mr. Dandy with him. He knew Mr. Dandy was hiding here.” Alison said.

“He stole my car?”

“Yes, he did.” Alison said.

“What the fuck?!” Isabelle cursed.

“Language miss!” Alison pointed out.

“Oh, sorry.” Isabelle said.

Observing her bruises, Isabelle reached out her pockets and pulled out 10 pound sterling.

“Take this, treat your wounds.” Isabelle said handing the money to her.

“Thanks, miss. I think you’ll need this.” Alison said giving her keys.

“What are these keys?”

“There’s a truck inside, works well. I attached one of the tracker I stole from you on your car. You can track it.” Alison said.

“You little devils and your evil ways!”

“We’re devils in service of something good.” Alison said and turned around.

She disappeared into alley leaving Isabelle to plan out her things.

“Okay, so now I have to just go. Go and do what I can do. That’s it! This is a great plan.” Isabelle thought and got in the truck.

She started the engine of truck and drove her way to the location indicated on her cell phone.

30 minutes later…

Isabelle stopped outside the station. She spotted her car but it was empty. She scanned her surrounding for any clues but unfortunately there was no sign of Mr. Dandy. She realized she didn’t bring any gun with her.

“Wow, how am I supposed to do this?” She wondered, ” Maaybe, I’ll just stick to the plan.”

She noticed a small entrance to descend underground. She lifted up the lid and entered below. It was dark inside.

“Oh great, I don’t even have a flashlight. It’s like the whole universe is against me!” She complained.

She descended down the ladder and hopped on the ground.

“Ah, what do we have here?” she said.

There was a large door locked with a bio-metric authorization.

“Well well well! I need to figure out how to go past this.”

She took out her tactical knife and opened the panel. She tried to find something she can alter but couldn’t find anything. Disappointed by that she placed it back as it was before. As soon as she touched the lever she felt a key entry beneath. She bent down and spotted a mechanical lock beneath the lever. She let out a breath of relief.

“Oh, god there’s something I can do. I thought I nearly lost this.” she said to herself.

She took out her hairpin and managed to pick the lock. She pushed the door and opened it.

“That’s how it’s done. HAHA!” she praised. Her self appraisal had no bounds.

She walked through the door and found herself standing in a tunnel connected to a burned down station building.

“I hope Dandy will be somewhere around. His knowledge in advanced weaponry is really getting him into trouble.” she thought.

She continued to venture inside the tunnel and made it inside the building. There was an old man working on a desk.

“Dandy?” she whispered slowly.

Richard Freeman, aka Dandy looked behind when a familiar voice hit his ears.

“Isabelle! Thank god you’re here. That fool has no idea what he’s making me do!”

“What’re you doing anyways? Making weapons?”

“It’s not just a weapon. It’s a bio-weapon. It can wipe out the whole Glasgow if it is triggered. Each and every person will die of the infection caused by this.” Dandy explained.

“Why, is it here? You should rather die than build this!” Isabelle said.

“I’m not building this! It’s already built, I’m supposed to maximize the impact but what I’m trying to do is how to dissolve this along with it’s blueprints.” he said.

“It’s a dangerous job, we better get that to HQ.” Isabelle suggested.

Dandy’s expression showed disagreement.

“You really trust NSSA? You do realize all of this is happening because of their own rogue agent named Elias?” Dandy said.

“Whatever! But, it’s better we don’t take this matter under our hands directly.” Isabelle argued.

“Fine! Let’s go.” he said and moved.

There was a loud click sound below the table. A hissing noise followed the click.

“Uh-oh.” Dandy regretted moving away from the desk.

“What’s with the uh-oh?”

“I just realized that if I stand up from this chair, it will trigger the gas leak and now I should make you aware of the one, very necessary fact.” Dandy said.


“I just stepped on a cable that’s connected to the mine. If step back, BOOM!” Dandy explained in panic.

“What a fucking OLD HAG YOU ARE!” Isabelle screamed.

“Save me please.” he cried.

Isabelle scoffed and cautiously moved towards the mine. Slowly she rotated the upper plate of the mine and took it off and removed the detonation device.

“Now move carefully.” she instructed.

Dandy took the bio weapon and moved out of the door. Isabelle looked at the firearms stacked in the building. She moved through the door and attempted to close it quickly. The metal surface of the lock fired up a static charge igniting the gas that filled the room completely.

“Holy crap! we need to move fast.” Isabelle panicked.

Dandy and Isabelle hurried their way out of the tunnel. The firearms exploded creating a wave of fire that made it’s way through the tunnel. Dandy hung the bio-weapon on his arm and quickly climbed up the ladder. Isabelle slipped and fell. The presence of heat started melting the tar on the ground. She stood up and ran towards the ladder through the bio-metric door. She shut the door behind her and started climbing the ladder. The tunnel started collapsing underneath the ground which had an active gas line installed recently.

The smoke started suffocating her but she managed to get out in time. She hopped into the truck with Dandy. The engine roared up as she stepped on gas pedal. She noticed Henry stepping out of his car to investigate on the other side.

“Surprise for you arseholes!” she said and drove off.

The ground behind her started collapsing due to gas lines and weak structure.

“Wear your seat belts old man, it’s gonna be rough.” she said hitting the gas pedal.

The truck sped across the terrain in monstrous speed taking them out of the collapsing radius of the ground.

NSSA Secret HQ, NYC. 28th APRIL, 2012. 20:17 PM.

John was staring at the computer screen in front of him. He looked tensed. Ryan came in with Buffy.

“What are you worrying about?” Ryan asked.

“I’m worrying about what will happen next. I know this attack was initiated by Elias, he’s just waiting for us to turn our heads in other direction so that he can strike us from behind, that won’t happen.” John replied.

“I’ll find him John. He’s not gonna stay in shadows forever.” Ryan said.

“You better do.” John said.

John was about to move out but a new voice message from an unauthorized network blinked up on his computer screen. Ryan setup a sandbox in network to avoid any virus into the system. John opened it.

“This is Agent code-named Preacher. I secured a bio-weapon during my Glasgow operation. It’s highly lethal of course. A drone pitched in some info about the location it was found in. It was an terrorist operation about to be initiated by a man named Henry Velasquez, an accomplice of our rogue agent named Elias. Henry Velasquez is dead due to my actions while securing the bio-weapon. Further info sent via logs through secure network. Signing off.”

John took a deep breath.

“I should really promote this girl to higher post. She did a great job.” John said.

“Who’s she?” Ryan asked.

“Your sister.” John answered.

“What? I have a sister?!” Ryan snapped.

“Yeah, adopted by your parents during one of their missions.”

Ryan almost pulled his hair out.

“I feel like I know nothing.” Ryan said.

“I’m sorry, I had to keep it a secret.” John said.


“Long story, will talk about it later. I’m going now, probably gonna talk to one of the agents about the Nebraska’s outbreak.” John said.

“At least let me know her name!” Ryan cried.

“Isabelle. Isabelle Evans.” John said.

“Evans siblings taking over the world!” Buffy teased.

“Shut the FUCK UP BUFFY!” Ryan hollered at Buffy.









Liebster Award #1 :D

Thank you very much, Saakshi, for nominating me for this award. I was reading the chapter 2 of The Discordant Melodies and a feedback is coming soon :p

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1. Who is your favorite author and why?

It’s a very long list. But I’ll narrow it down to 3.

a) Dan Brown: He’s my most favorite author. I love all of his books especially the Digital Fortress and Deception Point. His writing is so exquisite that you’ll get absorbed into the story and won’t mind staying up all night flunking all the college unit tests.

b) Robin Benway: I read her whole ‘Also Known as’ series (AKA and Going Rogue), The way she writes and develop her characters in book is beautiful and hilarious. I can re-read her books infinite times because they’re really hilarious.

c) Lish McBride: I read her ‘Hold me closer, Necromancer’ and as soon as I finished reading the first few chapters I became her fan. While reading her novel, you’ll laugh. I’m not kidding. Also her short stories are fun to read.

2. What is your idea of how the world will end?

Scientifically speaking, GLOBAL WARMING! Philosophically speaking, Hatred, war over religion, and well, greed of power. It’s not a new thing. We all are well aware of the news about how our own political parties are making racial comments. It’s so orthodox to keep hating one particular religious group or caste. To be on point, secularism is non existent right now. It’s better not to have religion. We all are humans made of bones and flesh. I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in existence of such supreme power above us. God is a term. It has a definition and that is “The one who helps and guides us.”  and I suppose, you don’t need to have some supernatural powers to be a god. An act of help is enough. So, stop the fight over religion and prevent the end of this world.

3. Which place do you consider your happy place?

The terrace of my apartment. It’s cool and breezy up there. Since I stay close to a creek I enjoy the serenity of the view and calm myself. It’s the place that reminds me of my childhood days with a special friend and I just wish we can meet and enjoy those days again. That place makes me happy for many reasons. I’ve studied so much up there, it reminds me of my good ol’ 10th grade days.

4. What’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?

Well, most of the funniest things that happened to me are quite embarrassing. But since Saakshi asked those questions, I will just mention one of them.

I was telling my friends about my professor at college and while I was giving his description I was cursing him a lot! The use of profane words was just too damn high. My crush was standing around and I could see her face a bit incensed, but I just went on.. Screaming out how asshole my professor was. I also stated where he stays and all. My crush just walked out of the room and the receptionist was distributing out receipts. I took mine and was about to pass on my crush’s receipt. But as soon as I checked her full name, the professor and her father were same person. Well, just imagine why I’m single right now.

5. What kind of music do you like?

I listen to British rock music. I don’t have any specific parameters of choice, I just listen to anything that fits my mood. Mostly I listen to Coldplay and the Beatles.

I further nominate the following Blogger for Liebster Award!

  1. Lil Rant: Another Hilarious blog I bookmarked. It’s pretty amazing especially her rants.   

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The Aftermath.

27th April, 2012. 04:30 AM, Ryan’s Apartment.

“What goes around. Comes around.” Ryan felt murmuring in his ears.

He woke up and found Buffy whispering in his right ear.

“What the fuck? Don’t scare me like that man!” Ryan said wiggling his finger in his ear.

“Ah, just wanted to check up on you son.” Buffy replied.

“You’re gay!” Ryan said digging his head in the pillow.

“You’re a fucking girl! You piece of shit!” Buffy replied kicking Ryan’s butt.

“Coming from a guy who’s nick name is after a female vampire slayer?!” Ryan asked.

“How many times do I have to tell you I am a king of stealth. They named me after a vampire slayer mate!”

“Yeah I can see that stealth. Sneaking in my apartment like a cat barging in. I heard you breaking the vase out there!”

“You’re just jealous.”

“Look at yourself, you’re nowhere near like Sarah Michelle Gellar!” Ryan screamed at him.

“Shut up you jealous prick!” Buffy said pushing Ryan’s face in the pillow.

20 mins Later…

“I need a cigar man.” Ryan said while shuffling through channels.

“Man up first!” Buffy replied while smoking a cigar.

“Just one puff?” Ryan begged.

“No.” Buffy said blowing the smoke on Ryan’s face.

Ryan inhaled it.

“Passive smoking won’t hurt my lungs.” Ryan said calming himself down.

Buffy gave him a weird look.

“States did a great job restoring the electricity back in few hours.”

“Yeah, but the satellite reception is still shit for now.” Ryan complained.

“Yeah a piece of shit like you need everything perfect! Right?” Buffy replied.

“Shut up mate! I’m trying to think something here.” Ryan said wearing a T-Shirt.

“What is it?” Buffy asked.

“Last night I came across a girl named Amy Stone. I think I’ve seen her when we were in London but I can’t recall.”

Buffy’s expression was a bit serious and concerning.

“Do you remember anything before you got shot thrice by a man in London?

“I got shot? What are you talking about?” Ryan said.

“Look um, Ryan. I think your brain is missing a piece of information. Your brain is like a computer, you know? It sometimes messes up with things.” Buffy explained.

“You mean, I was really shot by someone and I totally forgot about that? How is this possible?”

“It is. I think you’ll have to figure out that yourself.” Buffy said and got up.

Ryan looked down at his hands. He got a cut on his thumb last night. Blood was flowing out of the gap. He focused on the color of his blood. Soon.. It was all over his hands. There was more blood. Dark, crimson colored all over his torso above the abdomen on the chest. Blood oozing out of bullet holes below his chest and above his abdomen. The rain was unforgiving in the darkest night and his every heartbeat was loud and slow. He was lying on the street with a girl crying right beside him. His heartbeats were slowing down further as if the death was approaching. He saw another girl. She was running away from group of people. His vision was blurring out. The girl beside him placed her hand on his cheek and at that very moment something hard hit him. He woke up from his trance of missing past and found Buffy standing in front of him.

“You zoned out and your body was shaking violently. I had to slap you to bring back. Are you okay?” Buffy asked.

Ryan was clueless and gasping violently for a moment. Buffy calmed him down by rubbing his back.

“It’s was scary. I can’t do this. It was painful man! I was—”

“Calm down son, you don’t have to do this. We’ll figure it out ahead.” Buffy said placing his hand on Ryan’s head.

Broadway 55th Street, 07:47 AM.

Tom woke up and found himself lying on his bed. He tried to get up but a wave of pain flowed through his spine. He screamed in agony. John opened the door and entered his room.

“You woke up finally.” John said highlighting the obvious fact.

“A man was there in backyard. Where is he?” Tom asked.

“He is in prison right now. Cops came and dealt with that issue.”

“Why was he here? Do you know him John?” Tom asked.

“No. How would I? He is just like that any other psychopath who escaped from jail by taking the advantage of the situation.” John said.

“I’ve to get going.” Tom said and tried to get up ignoring the cramps.

“You need to rest son. I’ve informed the cops about the situation. Detective Wahlberg and Chief Walter know about your situation so you’re allowed to rest until your recovery.” John replied.


John walked out of his room. Trying to ignore the relationship progressing between him and Tom. John was a specialist in every thing except this. He never got attached to someone the way he got with Tom. Being a spy was much easier for him than being a fake father.

He saw Amy outside sitting on a desk in the park wearing shades and a cap that mismatched terribly with her track suit. John sighed and went out of the house. After looking around for a bit to make sure no one is stalking he sat next to Amy.

“Are you seriously so much concerned about Tom?” John asked.

“He is more or less like a brother to me. Although he won’t recognize me now. We had great childhood together.” Amy replied.

“He will recognize you and that’s the reason you wear this mismatched clothes for disguise.” John said.

“It’s better to stay away from him. I don’t want him to find out everything about his father who betrayed the country. Let him stay the way he was until now.”

“I got you Amy. I’ll keep him away from that.” John assured.

“Thanks Sir.” she said.

“You don’t have to call me that. Just call me John.”

She nodded with a stressing smile.

“You looked tensed before. I don’t think it’s just about Tom. Something else you are concerned about?” John asked.

“I wanted to ask you something.”

“Shoot it.”

“Were Ryan and Devon the same person?”

“Yes.” John replied.

Amy closed her eyes contemplating the facts she learned until now.

“So that means I was grieving for a living man.” Amy said indicating a slight rise in temper.

“Yeah. But it brought you till here.” John said.

“You made me monitor a wrong person. The Ryan I was monitoring wasn’t Ryan.. It was your fake guy! The real Ryan was Devon who got shot three times in front of me to save me! It was until yesterday I found Devo- no! RYAN in this city! That aside! You said me that Devon died! I was grieving everyday for a person who is alive!”

“Calm down. I did that because you were about to know something you shouldn’t have. You always do that. Sneak around and get information about something you shouldn’t know about. He got shot and died. I don’t know how but he came back to life after three weeks and that’s when I brought him out of this mess. He was supposed to stay secret but it didn’t stay like that.” John explained.

Amy kept staring at the ground.

“You’re a good spy Amy. You find out things before anyone else but that is dangerous.”

Amy nodded and tried not to fall back in past.

16th May, 2009. Westminster, London. (3 Years ago after blowing the pirate ship down.)

“Alright, we’re here!” Buffy said stretching his arms and then scratching his butt.

Ryan stepped out of the cabin. The cloudy whether was relaxing for him.

“Ah, LONDON! It smells so nice.” Ryan said breathing in.

“It sure does sonny boy! Unless a windstorm takes you away with it.”

“Thanks, it felt so nice to hear something like that. Asshole.”

“Arsehole. Say arsehole. You’re in London now for God’s sake!”

“Shut up Arsehole!” Ryan snapped.

Ryan and Buffy stepped out and made their way out of dockyard. The weather was chilly but surprisingly comfortable for Ryan.

“So, why are we here? I mean, wasn’t I supposed to be in Brooklyn or something?” Ryan asked.

“No, They want to verify whether your brain still functions according to their expectations.”

“My brain? What is it with my brain?”

“You’ve special type of gooey brain inside your skull.” Buffy replied.

“Is that something that my dad did to me in some spooky abandoned hospital?”

Buffy nodded silently.

“You do realize that sentence sounds really weird?” Buffy said.

Ryan processed a while.

“Yeah, it does sound… Dirty.” Ryan said with disgusting expression.

“In Japan it might sound interesting.” Buffy joked.

Ryan tried not to laugh but he snorted and laughed eventually.

Right outside the the dockyard a black SUV was waiting for them. Buffy signaled the man on the wheel. The man nodded his head in acknowledgement.

“Wow, This feels just like movies. You know?”

“Well, it isn’t as easy as they show in movies though.” Buffy said.

Buffy escorted Ryan into the SUV and sat next to him.

“So, where are you guys taking me?” Ryan asked.

“NSSA facility.” The driver said.


Buffy knocked him out with chloroform.

“Sorry, can’t let you know the path.” Buffy said.

“Alright!” Ryan said waking up like morning sun.

The driver looked back slack jawed. Buffy almost stopped breathing.

“What the hell? You were supposed to be unconscious!” Buffy exclaimed.

“Ah, I kinda built a good resistance against these anesthetics. Those Genocorp bastards were harsh with a guy like me.” Ryan replied.

Buffy took out a syringe with large needle and filled it with heavy dose of anesthetic. Ryan’s iris widened with fear.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Buffy. That could be dangerous!”

Buffy stabbed the syringe in Ryan’s thighs. Ryan screamed.

“Alright, that’s should work!” Ryan said fainting out.

“Let’s move.” Buffy signaled the driver.

1 hour later…

Ryan woke up in a room. He was clueless about his whereabouts as usual.

“Hello? Anyone outside this room?” Ryan said waving is hands around.

The Specialist aka John Cassidy was observing him.

“What is wrong with him? Look at his merry face even at time like this.” John asked looking at Ryan through one way mirror.

“Yeah he is bit weird.” Buffy replied.

“Is he capable of things?” John asked.

“I don’t know much but I’m pretty sure he is field ready. He took out a pirate ship last night. I had to to give him a abnormally strong dose of anesthetic to take him down for an hour. He is not a normal soldier like us. He went through a lot on that secret Genocorp facility. He is trained very hard.” Buffy said.

“Alright. He will be working undercover at Westminster University. But under certain precautions. I cannot trust him with everything.”

“He knows everything. All the government and agency secrets are trapped subliminally in his brain” Buffy said.

“Alright, He should be our top secret agent for now. No one should know about him. Not even our agents. After the episode of Elias and this guy’s parents. It’s tough to trust anyone.” John suggested.

“I understand. I’ll be assisting him.” Buffy said.

John exited the room. Buffy went inside the Interrogation room. He carried a file in which all the details of Ryan’s new identity was given.

“Ryan, NSSA needs your help.” Buffy said.

“What am I going to get by helping them?” Ryan asked.

“Look Ryan, Your parents have made you a gun that has two barrels pointing on both sides. You either work for NSSA because your brain has all the government secrets or you die because of the very same reason. Looks like NSSA decided to keep you alive.”

“This is what I was afraid of. I’m like a puppet. Play with Ryan and his life the way you people want. Right?”

“Ryan. You’ve something other people don’t. Whatever happened to you on island or in the hospital. You’ve become the most powerful person after that. A most powerful weapon.” Buffy explained.

Ryan looked at Buffy.

“What am supposed to do then?” Ryan asked.

Buffy gave him the file. Ryan opened it and read the contents.

“Okay Great, I’m Devon Brown now. A guy with crazy computer skills.” Ryan said putting the fiber sunglasses on.


What Came Before.

(Unknown Day) 3 Years Ago, Troops taking Ryan off the collapsing island.

The troops from NSSA knocked Ryan unconscious and dragged him into the ship. Ryan was injured badly but his wounds were healing faster than they’re supposed to.

After an hour or so, Ryan woke up and found himself in a chamber handcuffed on the chair. In front of him, there was a man sitting on a rusty chair. He looked like he was in his 40s. His hair and mustache were grey. He looked like a guy who might be a bit lousy father.

“Who are you?” Ryan asked weakly.

“I’m Scott Wells, but you can call me Buffy.” the man replied.

“Well, Buffy is quite a funny name for my captor.” Ryan chuckled.

“I’m not your captor, I just saved your ass.” Buffy said unlocking the handcuffs of Ryan’s wrists.

“Thanks for taking those handcuffs off, they’re goddamn annoying.”


“So.. why did you save me? And where the hell am I?”

“Well, that’s a long story.”

“Just let me know something, I’m clueless about my life right now.”

“Fine, since you put it that way..”

“Yeah go on.”

“You’re actually a person of interest to someone and I am supposed to take you to that person.” Buffy explained.

“Ah well, I have no idea why I am a person of interest to someone.” Ryan said.

“God knows what they’re up to.” Buffy said.

“What do you mean by ‘they’?”

“Ah, did I say ‘they’?”

“Yeah you did.”


“You better tell me everything Buffy, I am already shitting myself here.” Ryan demanded.

“It’s NSSA, you know them right? they’re like those ‘Collectors’ or ‘MI6’ and all.” Buffy said.

“Yeah, I know them. One of those bloody Secret Intelligence Service.”

“Exactly, I liked the term bloody. They suck big time.” Buffy said.

“You’re one of them, right?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah. I hate my job though. All I wanted was adventure and all I ended up in is this.”

“Well, am I supposed to stay in this chamber or can I move around the ship?”

“Well, you’re free to move around unless you turn hostile towards us.”

“I won’t.”


Ryan moved out of the room with Buffy. A guard came running inside.

“Sir, we have an emergency.” the guard informed.

“Did the whale dragged down Scully again?” Buffy asked.

“No! Pirates ship is approaching and they started deploying their men through motor boats.”

“Pirates exist? Cool! Let’s go fight them!” Ryan said with great enthusiasm.

The guard and Buffy gave sad looks to Ryan.

“He’s still a kid.” Buffy said to Guard.

“I feel sorry for him.” the guard said,

“Me too.” Buffy said.

The guard departed. Buffy gave Ryan a handgun.

“You know how to use it?” Buffy asked.

“Never tried one in my whole life.”

“Half hour ago you were killing the guards on that island like a animal and you don’t know how to use a gun?”

“Was I killing? Oh–” Ryan collapsed.

Buffy helped him up.

“Don’t you die here, sonny boy!”

“I won’t. I just can’t believe I was murdering people.”

“You weren’t murdering, you were saving yourself. Now get up and try not to get yourself killed.”

Ryan and Buffy sprinted across the floor and reached the upper deck. The pirates started leaping on the ship. The guards were holding the pirates down. Ryan tried to shoot at pirates but none of them got shot.

“Ryan, try aiming at them through iron sight of the gun!” Buffy suggested loudly.

Ryan moved around and aimed at the pirate’s head, he pulled the trigger and the bullet went through the pirate’s brain exploding his skull into blood and chunks.

“Woah, damn!” Ryan jumped.

“It’s fun right?” Buffy asked.

“Hell yeah!” Ryan agreed.

Buffy managed to make a pile of dead pirates while Ryan was jumping across with his one good shot.

“Now would you help me take care of these pirates or you gonna just jump around waving that gun of yours?!” Buffy screamed.

“Nope lol!” Ryan said smiling and jumped down on the motor boat.

“What the–”

“See ya!” Ryan waved at him while running away on motor boat.

Buffy scratched his butt and jumped off the deck. He landed on the pirate who was trying to break in through hatch.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to– oh its you bastards.”

Buffy deployed a motorboat and rode it towards Ryan’s boat. He stopped when he saw Ryan riding it towards the pirate ship.

“What in the hell is he trying to do?”

Ryan opened the stash in back which was full of grenades. He took one in hand and took a stance to jump off the boat.

“Coming through!” He screamed and pulled the key of the grenade placed it in stash and jumped off the boat.

The motor boat crashed into the pirate ship where gun powder was stashed. The boat exploded and pierced through the steel hull of the ship. The bottom of the pirate ship exploded turning the whole ship to one side. The waves grew stronger due to impact of explosion sending Ryan floating back to Buffy’s motor boat.

Buffy pulled him up on the boat and drove back to his cruise. Ryan was unconscious. Buffy looked at his face.

“They definitely want him! Boy has the potential.” Buffy chuckled.


July 13, 2007 (5 years ago). Building #6 Port of San Francisco.

It was devastating for Amy to find out that her mentor was the killer of her father. She struggled to stand up. The bones in her back made crackling sound.

“This is what you wanted all this time?” Tony asked Amy.

She didn’t reply. She kept trying to get up on her feet. Tony stepped on her back. She groaned in pain.

“Do you think NSSA hired a 15 year old girl like you just because they see potential in you? *chuckles* You’re NOTHING! They don’t even bring people in when they’re just fucking 15! They knew about my location, they knew you were linked to me, they have their filthy spies every fucking where! They chose you to reach me. And you didn’t say that to me until today and that’s the reason everyone will suffer.” Tony said and kicked her.

She screamed in pain. Tony entered in his van. He was about to start the engine but a hand smashed through the window and clutched his hair and left ear. He screamed. The man who smashed the window pulled Tony out along with the door. Guards were taking care of his henchmen by putting a bullet in their heads. The man was NSSA’s top agent known as “The Specialist” in spy world. He was no one but John Cassidy.

He smashed Tony’s face on the car window. Tony groaned. He threw a punch at him which John escaped and counter punched him. Blood poured down through his mouth. He caught his collars and lifted him up.

“You did a mistake by hurting that girl. Now YOU will suffer.” John said on his face and dragged him on floor towards Amy. He helped Amy up and handed her a gun.

“Shoot his brains out!” he ordered Amy.

Amy aimed at his head. Trembling she placed her finger on the trigger. Her whole life flashed in her head.

“You deceived me, you killed my father, you destroyed all of my hope!” Amy screamed at him with all her might.

“Pull that trigger, kill me. Your dad was a coward. He refused to kill all those goddamn people who rebelled against us.”


“Then fucking kill me already!” Tony lashed.

Amy’s hand trembled. She was about to pull the trigger but something inside her stopped her from doing that. She lowered her gun and returned it to John.

“I don’t want filthy blood on my hands.” she said and turned around.

“You’re just a pussy like your fath–” John shot him in head before he could complete his sentence.

John turned around to find another John (John Lance) on floor. His left foot was bleeding and was unable to move.

“Woah, Johnny boy! Don’t you be so clumsy!” John said and helped Lance to get up.


2 hours later, NSSA HQ.

Amy approached “The Specialist” to thank him. He placed his hand gently on her shoulder and escorted her in a room.

Amy read the name on the door.

 AMY STONE. (Title yet to earn) 

“Am I recruited for real?” Amy asked.

“Yeah, but you’re still in the training so I won’t send you on any field operation for now. You haven’t earned a title yet but you proved yourself to be the part of this intelligence service. So enjoy your stay under my observation.” John replied smiling.

Amy entered her room and found her father’s equipment framed in wall. She wasn’t sure about her trust on John but she did feel the elevated respect for him.













The Seditious Act.

Times Square, 23:17 PM.

The sky looked venomously dark. Military choppers started rushing to the location. There was a unsettling panic among the people. The silence started to break slowly with the panicking citizens rushing down the streets. Military and Cops marched down the streets with electric lanterns and heavy duty electrical components to bring the states back to life.

Ryan stood in the balcony with Amy. He took a deep breath and looked at her.

“So, you were in Nebraska against the orders given to you by the agency?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah, well this isn’t the first time I am going against their orders.” Amy replied.

“What do you mean?” Ryan asked.

“If I had followed their instructions, you could have been dead in London.”

“That’s some badass spy shit you got there.” Ryan said.


“So what did you find in Nebraska?” Ryan asked.

“That’s confidential.” Amy said clipping the rappel on her waist belt.

“That’s ridiculous! You went there unofficially, you can’t make it confidential on your own!” Ryan said.

“Sorry, what?” Amy asked pointing gun at his forehead.

“It’s okay, if you don’t wanna share it’s alright!”

“Good.” Amy said attaching the rappel on the railing.

“What are you trying to do? Are you going to rappel down there? Why?” Ryan said.

“I want my backpack.” she said and leaped down.

“She is ridiculous!” Ryan said to himself and dropped to ledge.

Ryan was trained well on the island where he was caged. Parkouring isn’t difficult for him anymore. He dropped and grabbed the ledges of the building while descending below. Amy was surprised to see him descending faster without a rappel. He kept descending until he reached the first floor from where he leaped on the ground. Amy joined him in few seconds.

“That was good, you have great monkey skills.” Amy said while walking towards the crashed chopper.

“You’ve got monkey face too, just take a look at yourself, you look like a—-”

“What?” Amy said facing at him.

She looked quite pretty in the moon light and the slight saffron light of fire. Ryan felt like he stepped on his own gut.


Amy smiled and moved ahead. The backpack was sitting on the footpath. She picked it up and walked into alley. Ryan followed her inside but she vanished into thin air.

“This girl, she got some really nice Batman skills.” Ryan frowned and walked away.

NYPD, 23:32.

Nick and chief Walter were sipping some warm beer on the roof.

“Seems so wrong to have a beer in this situation, right chief?” Nick asked sipping few.

“Beer calms me down, but when its cool.” Chief replied.

“Yeah, who knew some terrorist is going to shut down our goddamn refrigerator by shooting down EMI missiles!” Nick said.

Chief nodded in agreement.

Annie was sitting on the floor thinking how ridiculous the people around her are especially her husband who is sipping a warm beer with his senior where the half of the nation is blacked out. She stood up and walked downstairs to find something sensible. Partially sleepy she marched towards Nick’s office. Tom was sitting inside on his desk reading some case files with lighter in his hand.

“Woah, someone is in his senses here.” Annie said while stepping inside.

Tom looked up and smiled.

“Well, I was just working on the evidence and clues of some case.” Tom said holding his hand up to illuminate the room.

“Is that case of David Haynes, who got murdered recently?” Annie asked.

“Yeah, its my first case with detective and I am trying to do my best.” Tom replied sparking a nervous smile.

“I can relate and I am pretty sure all the workload of this case is on you while your senior is busy sipping warm beer with his senior on the roof.” Annie joked.

“Hahaha, yeah kind of.” Tom laughed.

“How’s your electric lighter working, I suppose it shouldn’t be working right now.” Annie asked.

“This?”, Tom pointed at the lighter, “I just gave a flint of spark to turn it on, just static things, you know? It’s a gas lighter, which belonged to my grand-dad who died when I was 8 years old.”

“Sorry about that, but he did live long enough.” Annie said nodding her head.

“Yeah, even though he smoked so many cigars a day.” Tom said looking at the floor.

“So where do you stay?” Annie asked.

“On 55th street near broad-way with my foster dad, we have a house there.” Tom replied.

“Cool, it’s good. Mind if I ask about your real parents?”

“Dad was an ex-army officer who died in a gang shootout at the port of San Francisco and mom was killed by criminal named Tim Harper in back alley because she was was about to shred the politics of a Swedish businessman called Adelbert Adamson.”

“That was painful, sorry.” Annie apologized.

“It’s fine, to be honest I feel lighter now. Everyone here are so busy while I am working on case with no possible leads and no one friendly enough to talk with.” Tom replied.

“I can help you with your case. Anyways, by helping you I will be helping my fiancee who is up there drinking absurd beer.” Annie said.

Tom chuckled at her statement and headed out.

“Where are you going?” Annie asked.

“I gotta make sure John is fine and by John I mean my foster dad” Tom said while marching out of the cabin.

July 13, 2007 (5 years ago). Building #6 Port of San Francisco.

Amy was examining the location. She located few vantage points to move around while taking down the weapon dealers.

Tony joined her at the vantage point. He asked her to explain what is she doing here. Amy handed him her cellphone showing footage of two men talking about the weapons deal.

“Where did you get this?” he asked.

“I was eavesdropping, NSSA is aware of this, Their men will be here any minute. Besides that, one of the men is NSSA agent undercover with the smugglers.” Amy explained.

“Why am I here then? You didn’t even ask me before doing this.” Tony argued.

“I wanted you to come for this.” Amy said handing him a Memory stick.

“What is it?” Tony asked.

“This will be the last time we will meet Tony. From here on Amy Stone will be dead for the world. I will be working with NSSA and I will have to shred my identity for that. This stick contains all the information you will need to help your wife to prove the dishonest acts of Adamson.” Amy replied.

“Amy, this is madness! You don’t have to do this and where did you get this information?” Tony asked.

“I had a deal with NSSA.” Amy replied.

“Jesus Christ!”

“You should go now, things are going to be intense here. Go home, give my love to Tom and aunt” Amy said hugging him.

Tony patted her back and left. Amy dropped down on the railing to get clear visual on the targets. Few men walked inside, they looked like businessmen. Amy took out her cellphone and took their photographs. Moments later, a white sedan rushed inside the building followed by a black cargo van. Armed men stepped out of van with big crates of state of art weapons. One of the armed men signalled anonymously at Amy to identify himself as NSSA.

“John Lance, Identity confirmed” Amy confirmed looking at his profile.

A man wearing a black skull mask stepped outside his sedan.

“Alright everyone! Lets start the bidding of the bio-weapons” The man said while taking out his gun.

Everyone tensed when the man took out his gun.

“But first! I want to take care of a filthy insect among us here” The man said and walked towards John.

John stepped back.

“John, don’t you worry, I am not talking about you” The man said.

John started sweating. The man turned around raising his gun in air and pointing it towards Amy.

“Come on! come down here, kitty!” The man said waving his gun.

Amy slowly stepped down. The guards apprehended her and tied her hands.

“Looks like an amateur, is it your first time? I doubt that because you aren’t nervous but you lack hell of a experience” The man said pointing the gun at her face.

Amy stayed silent. She waited for NSSA squad to come in by anytime.

“Okay, Gentlemen! lets begin.”

Present Time, Broadway 55th Street.

Tom parked his pedaling bike outside the house and knocked the door. A middle aged man opened the door.

“Welcome home, son.” The man said smiling.

“Is everything okay, John? The states is blacked out. So I thought I should check up on you”

“I am alright Tom. I’ll be fine, the department need you to be there.” John said.

“Were you expecting someone?” Tom said looking at the steak knife hidden in his sleeves” Tom asked.

“That’s just for safety, it’s blacked out, anyone can march in on this old man” he replied.

“Take care, John. I’ll be back in few hours” Tom said while walking towards the door.

“Yeah, I will be sleeping with headphones on, so get in with those keys I gave you because I won’t be able to listen the knock” John insisted.

Tom nodded and stepped out. He was about to get on his bike but he noticed someone in the backyard. He walked cautiously towards the backyard.

“Who’s out there? come out!” Tom warned.

Tom reached the backyard and found nothing. He turned to return back to his bike but someone stood there facing him. The face wasn’t visible properly. He pushed Tom on the floor and kicked him in stomach. Tom groaned in pain.
He lifted him by his collars and threw him on wall. Tom tried to balance himself after the impact. The man punched him on face. Tom tried his best to dodge but failed. His nose started bleeding badly. His vision was blurred but he kept himself together. The man was about the punch him again but Tom deflected his punch and counter punched him.
Tom’s knuckles hurt badly as if he just hit a steel.

The man smashed Tom on the wall and caught his throat. He was about to choke Tom to death but a knife pierced through his ears. The man screamed in pain. Tom fainted and collapsed. John took out one more knife and threw it on the man. The knife pierced through his right thigh. The man screamed in agony.

“This is what you get for messing with my family.” John said taking out another knife.

“It’s fine John, let me take it from here.” Amy said walking towards him.

“You should be more punctual.” John said.

“A sudden unexpected problem came up.” Amy said while breaking the man’s joint.

“Be a little merciful.” John insisted.

“He didn’t show any on Tom.” Amy said while breaking the other joint of the man’s leg.

The man struggled to walk but failed. He screamed in pain and anger. Amy twisted his arm and broke his elbow.

“Shut up! You’re back to the prison David Kipp! And this time you won’t be able to run away!” Amy screamed at him.

“I will return and destroy your life!” Kipp retaliated.

“In your dreams.” Amy replied smashing his face on the wall.

John picked up Tom and took him inside to patch his wounds.

“I will look after him, you have to catch that son of a bitch as soon as possible.” John said while entering inside.

“Elias isn’t the target, John. Elias is going to take us to the real target. The one behind everything,” Amy said handcuffing Kipp to the pole, “Cops will be here in few minutes, they are patrolling the area.”

Amy climbed on Tom’s bike and rode towards her next destination..

July 13, 2007. Port of San Francisco. The Bio-weapon Bid.

The guy in black mask was bidding his bio-weapon to the men from different tech industries.

“80 million. Going once! Going twice! Going thrice! The deal is closed to Mr Hakimoto!” The man in black mask declared.

He opened the crate containing the bio-weapon. Hakimoto came near to take a look. The black masked guy took out his gun and blew up Hakimoto’s head.

Everyone panicked.

“Come on! You beggars are giving me only 80 million for such a huge armageddon? I need at least half a billion or none of your asses will be able to leave this place”

Amy was trying to untie the rope around her hands. Suddenly a smoke grenade dropped down in front of her. Smoke filled the whole room. All the guards took cover. John quickly took the advantage of the commotion and cut the rope to free her hands. NSSA soldiers dropped down from the roof shooting at the guards. The guy in black mask disappeared. Amy tried to locate him. He was trying to get inside the van with the bio weapon. Amy ran towards him pushing him away from the van. He balanced himself and hit Amy. She dodged the blow and punched him in the ribs. He raised his gun to fire at her. Amy kicked his wrist and hit his stomach with elbow.

“You learnt my lessons well, Amy!” The guy said.


Black skull threw his gun and charged towards Amy. He hit her face and punched her in back breaking some bones. Amy felt like a bolt of thunder went through her. She collapsed down.

“I never thought I will kill your father on battlefield, but the world need a more villains than heroes” the man said.

“Who are you?” Amy said while struggling to move her body.

The man took off his mask and revealed his face. Amy felt as if another bolt of thunder just hit her.

“Tony! You betrayed me?!”



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